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Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis CPA is an uncommon destructive pulmonary syndrome, caused by fungi belonging to Aspergillus genus, and it is characterised by slowly progressive cavitation except Aspergillus nodulesfibrosis and pleural thickening.

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It usually affects persons without an evident immune suppression but frequently with an underlying pulmonary condition such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPDsarcoidosis, non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease NTM-PD or pulmonary tuberculosis PTBprior or concurrent. CPA is an overlooked potentially life-threatening disease that includes several clinical and imaging presentations such as Aspergillus nodules, simple aspergilloma presence of a fungus ball in a single lung cavitychronic cavitary pulmonary aspergillosis the most common form characterized by lung cavities with or without aspergilloma or nodules and subacute invasive aspergillosis and chronic fibrosing pulmonary aspergillosis the advanced stage implying extensive lung scarring 12.

Bacteriană varicosera

While tuberculosis-related CPA is rare in high-income countries, it is relatively common in Eastern Europe 35. CPA can mimic smear-negative or bacteriana varicosera PTB and should be suspected in TB patients with progressive cavitating disease and persistent symptoms despite an adequate anti-tuberculous treatment.

Femeile ne gravide pot avea vene varicoase pelvine? Varice — vene varicoase sunt vase de sânge noduroase și mărite care se dezvoltă chiar sub piele.

Chest auscultation revealed wheezing and scattered crackles. Figure 1 Cachectic aspect of the patient.

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B Greenish colour of sputum suggestive of Pseudomonas aeruginosa C P. The colonies are spreading and flat with serrated edges and metallic sheen; in areas of confluent growth, the colonies and agar are dark due to production of the pigments pyoverdine and pyocyanin.

She had no evidence of any immunosuppression, comorbidities, alcohol abuse or smoking.

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She was cured of smear-positive PTB at the age of 42 years and experienced a relapse episode of smear-negative PTB at the comprese de alcool în vene varicoase of 46 years. Chest radiography during the episode of TB relapse 22 August ; Figure 2A showed a cavitary lesion in the upper right lobe and multiple nodular circular opacities on both inferior lung areas.

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These abnormalities persisted after 1 year of TB treatment Figure 2B bacteriana varicosera, and the patient was discharged with diagnosis of post-tuberculous bronchiectasis. From toshe reported three to four acute exacerbations per year treated empirically with antibiotics, usually 7 days without any bacteriological tests.

Figure 2 A Chest radiograph during the episode of TB relapse 22 August showing a cavitary lesion in the upper right lobe arrows and multiple nodular bacteriana varicosera suggestive of mucoid bronchial impactioncircular opacities arrowheads and the tram-track appearance of bronchial walls, with paired parallel linear opacities radiating from the hilum of both lungs, more prominent in the right inferior area.

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The right hemidiaphragm, costophrenic angle and cardiac silhouette are obscured due to fibrotic lesions. B Chest radiograph after 1 year of treatment for PTB showing persistence of previous pulmonary lesions and a small improvement of peribronchial cuffing. C A 9 years later chest radiograph 26 January reveals extensive fibrosis, reduced size of the right lung and progression of the bronchiectasis arrowheads with upward hilar traction.

A possible fungus ball with the air-crescent sign could be supposed inside the cavitary lesion arrows. D, Bacteriana varicosera 12 years later 24 Augustfrontal and lateral view of chest radiography showing reduced upper lobe volume with an important thickening of the pleura bacteriana varicosera a single lung cavity with thick walls and completely destroyed right upper lobe.

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Progression of varicose and cystic bronchiectasis some of them with air-fluid level — arrowheads in both lungs; right sight traction and dilatation of the trachea were identified. Associated signs of hyperinflation could be seen; there are marked flattening of the hemidiaphragms more evident on the lateral view and widening of the retrosternal clear space.

Nine years later, chest radiography 26 January — Figure 2C revealed extensive fibrosis, right lung volume reduction and progression of the lesions suggestive of bronchiectasis.

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At that time, a fungus ball could be suspected in the right upper lobe bacteriana varicosera lesions Figure 2C. On hospital admission in Augustchest radiography Figure 2D, E showed an important thickening of the right apical pleura, a completely destroyed right upper lobe, bilateral progression of varicose and cystic bronchiectasis some with air-fluid levelright-side traction and dilatation of the trachea.

Fungus ball cum sa scapi de varicoza predomina not suspected at that time.

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Pulmonary function tests revealed a severe obstructive defect: forced expiratory volume in 1 second FEV1 — 0.

Sputum culture was positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Figure 1C susceptible to fluoroquinolones and ceftazidime.

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No bacteriana varicosera of Aspergillus on the Sabouraud Dextrose Agar medium was attested. The patient was discharged with the diagnosis of bronchiectasis colonised by P. An eradication treatment with ciprofloxacin was prescribed. High-resolution CT HRCT scan performed in October Figure 3A, C revealed extended cystic bronchiectasis in both lungs and multiple cavitary lesions with intracavitary masses in the right upper lobe, probably of fungal origin, but considered as post-tuberculous sequelae by the radiologist.

Figure 3 HRCT, lung window, prone position, bacteriana varicosera transversal images at different anatomical levels and coronal reconstruction October demonstrating the spread of bronchiectasis tubular, varicose and cystic in all lobes and multiple large, irregular, thick-walled cavities with intracavitary masses fungus ball and pleural thickening. The mass is with air-crescent sign but no fluid level.

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Note tracheal enlargement and a tracheal diverticulum. Transversal sections and coronal reconstruction at the same anatomical levels as in showing completely destroyed right upper lobe, an increase in size of the cavities and pleural thickness.

New areas of consolidation close to cavitary lesions were observed and no intracavitary masses.

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Both lungs show distortion features, severe cystic bronchiectasis and progression of the disease. She was readmitted after 2 years April ; during this period, she had four episodes of infectious exacerbations increase of sputum purulence and volume, haemoptysis and fevertreated with ciprofloxacin. Sputum culture in March identified Staphylococcus aureus.